Boost your game with Playscape Exchange

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What is Playscape Exchange


Playscape Exchange is a free and automated solution for exchanging users with other game developers. It enables game developers to enjoy the benefits of direct deals without having to manage them manually.


Playscape Exchange Values

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Personalize Game Service
Playscape's algorithm analyses each user's profile, classifies their preferences and targets them with customized content. This enables us to tailor each game with a unique audience.
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Immediate Exposure
After SDK integration, your content will undergo an approval process several days long. After that, you get an email notification and immediately begin getting traffic. You get the first 10,000 impressions before having to provide a single one.
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Gamers - Only Network
Our service focuses solely on mobile games, from casual to midcore to hardcore, of all categories. Our users are 100% non-incentivized, assuring high quality traffic for your titles.
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Super - Simple Integration
Integrating our SDK is straightforward and takes 10-30 minutes of work, depending on your development platform. All you have to do is download the SDK, read the documentation and install.

Track Your Results


Our dashboard allows you to track how much traffic you’ve delivered and how much you’ve consumed.See for yourself the actual traffic value you save in comparison to working with an advertising network.


Start Getting Users in 5 Minutes


Our Onboarding Process


Integrate Our SDK

No code is needed. Just import our plug-in and build your game

Update Your Game

After implementing the SDK, update your game on Google Play

Get Free Installs

Once your app is live and integration is verified you immediately get free traffic